Tim O'
Body / Project Lead

Tim is a percussionist and engineer with a diverse background in software development, large-scale art construction, and improvisation.  He has long been fascinated with the intersection of the digital and the physical, and dreamed up Marv as a platform to explore that space in the context of music.  Tim holds degrees in mechanical engineering, music, and psychology.  Marv is his first foray into musical robotics.

Michael McIntyre
Nerves / Hardware Design

Michael McIntyre recently earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State University with concentrations in Analog and Digital IC Design. He began his fascination with electronics as a communication technician in the United States Marine Corps and has over ten years experience troubleshooting and repairing numerous electronic systems. Michael is currently working for National Semiconductor.

Brock Roland
Brains / Software and MIDI Interfacing

Brock Roland is an engineering student at San Francisco State University studying Electrical Engineering. Brock also has a BA in Film and is an avid musician, composer, and sound engineer. Since the early 1990's Brock has tinkered with MIDI and became well versed in the subject during his academic career as an electrical engineering student. Before this, he along with Mike McIntyre programmed an ATMEGA16 to create a MIDI sequencer/recorder to be used as a learning tool for beginning music students. Future projects include MIDI sequenced laser light performances and homebrew MIDI instruments whittled right in Brock's own electric woodshed. Be on the lookout.